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Experience the difference with our premium screen upgrade service.
Just send in your device — we handle all the magic.

Available to customers in the UK, US and EU.


Upgrade Service + DeckHD Screen

Just send your SteamDeck to our service centre in the UK.

We'll install a new DeckHD screen and return the upgraded device and your old display back.

Returned upgraded within 7 days from arrival.

Service centre located in the UK.

Fast and reliable return shipping via Fedex.

All the great DeckHD features.

Upgrade Service Only

Already have a DeckHD screen you want us to install?

Just send both your SteamDeck and your DeckHD screen.

Returned upgraded within 7 days from arrival.

Service centre located in the UK.

Fast and reliable return shipping via Fedex.

All the great DeckHD features.

By purchasing the SteamDeck display upgrade service,
you agree to our Upgrade Service Terms and Conditions.

How it works


Pack & Post

Securely package your Steam Deck and send it to our dedicated service centre in the UK. We'll confirm its arrival and keep it safe every step of the way.


Upgrade & Update

Our experts will meticulously install the latest DeckHD screen and update your system with the necessary BIOS version, ensuring perfect compatibility.


Return & Revel

After the upgrade, we'll promptly ship your enhanced Steam Deck back to you. Get ready to dive back into your games with a visually stunning, high-definition experience!

Why upgrade?

How do I send my Steam Deck to you?

You will receive detailed instructions on how to package and send your Steam Deck to our UK service centre after you purchase the service.

How long will the upgrade process take?

The upgrade process typically takes 5-7 business days from the time we receive your device. This includes the installation of the DeckHD screen, BIOS update, and thorough testing to ensure quality performance.

What kind of quality testing do you perform after installation?

Each Steam Deck undergoes a comprehensive testing protocol to ensure the new DeckHD screen functions perfectly and the updated BIOS is stable. This includes display checks, touch functionality (if applicable), and button response tests.

How is my Steam Deck protected during shipping?

We advise using the original steam deck packaging to protect it during transit on it's way to and from our service centre.

Can I track the progress of my upgrade service?

Yes, you'll be provided with a tracking number and regular updates via email to monitor the status of your upgrade service from start to finish.

Are there any additional costs involved?

The quoted service cost includes the DeckHD screen, installation, BIOS update, and return shipping. Any customs fees or additional shipping insurance requested will be extra.

Will the DeckHD screen affect my device’s warranty?

Installing a DeckHD screen may void the manufacturer's warranty. We recommend checking with the manufacturer if your warranty is a concern. Our service includes a warranty for the new screen and installation only.

What happens if my SteamDeck is lost in transit to and from your service location?

While instances of lost packages are rare, it's important to be prepared for any situation. Please note that we are not liable for your Steam Deck getting lost in transit to our service centre. We strongly advise you to use a shipping service that offers insurance when sending your device. This ensures that you are covered in the unlikely event of a loss during transit.

For outgoing shipments from our service centre, we offer an optional insurance for the return delivery at an additional cost of £30 GBP. Opting for this insurance provides additional peace of mind, ensuring that your upgraded Steam Deck is protected against loss while on its way back to you.

Remember, selecting an insured shipping service for both inbound and outbound transit helps safeguard your device and investment.

What happens if my SteamDeck gets damaged during the upgrade service?

Our team of experts handles each Steam Deck with the utmost care during the upgrade process. However, in the unlikely event that your device breaks or incurs damage while in our possession, it's important to note that we are not liable for such occurrences.

We follow stringent procedures and take every precaution to ensure the safety and integrity of your device during the upgrade. However, due to the nature of electronic repairs and upgrades, there is always a minimal risk involved.

We advise our customers to be aware of these risks and understand that by using our service, they acknowledge and accept this limitation of liability. We are committed to providing the highest quality service, but cannot accept responsibility for the inherent risks associated with handling and modifying electronic devices.

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