Experience Unseen Detail.
Unleash Vibrant Colours.

Our screen upgrade takes your Steam Deck experience to a new level. Enjoy a breathtaking 1200p resolution upgrade from the standard 800p, combined with vastly expanded colours.

Your games elevated.


Get more out of your games.

Jump from 800p to 1200p with DeckHD. Experience a definitive boost in clarity and detail that enhances your Steam Deck's gaming experience.

87% of sRGB

Experience true colour brilliance.

Our displays offers an improved colour gamut, surpassing the original Steam Deck's spectrum. Enjoy richer hues and deeper contrasts.

Anti-glare glass as standard.

The DeckHD screen is glare-free as standard, a feature usually exclusive to the highest-end model. Play with clarity in any lighting condition, free from unwanted reflections.

Specs Comparison

Priced at $99 USD.

1920x1200 Resolution

87% sRGB Coverage

7" IPS Display

400 nits Screen Brightness

60Hz Refresh Rate

Anti-Glare Coating

Flicker-Free Image on all Refresh Rates

Improved Touch Panel Responsiveness

Original Steam Deck Display

1280x800 Resolution

67% sRGB Coverage

7" IPS Display

400 nits Screen Brightness

60Hz Refresh Rate

Anti-Glare Coating on Highest-end Model Only

Display Flicker on Lower Refresh Rates

User Reviews

"There are far more positives to the process of installing and generally deciding to use this display over the Steam Deck's pre-installed display that is as provided by Valve."

"The DeckHD screen for Steam Deck is an absolute game-changer when it comes to the visual quality of my gaming experience! From the moment I started using it, I was blown away by how it made my games clearer and more vibrant."

"The screen is better, period. Running games at stock 800p is better, period. Running games at the new native 1920*1200 is better, period."

"Just upgraded to the DeckHD screen for my Steam Deck and WOW, what a game-changer! The visual quality is off the charts-sharper graphics, vibrant colors, and anti-reflective magic. It's like a whole new gaming world! This upgrade is a MUST."

Why upgrade?

Greater Versatility: 800p or 1200p

Whether you yearn for extra clarity in older games or desire to maintain optimal frame rates in newer titles, our display mod provides you the flexibility to choose. Switch to 1200p for striking detail in classics, or maintain the standard 800p for newer games. This means you're in full control of balancing visual fidelity and performance to match your preferences.

More Colours, More Immersion

Even if you decide to stick with 800p, our display mod offers a significant enhancement in colour range. Experience your favourite games with deeper contrasts and more vibrant hues, transforming your gaming sessions into more immersive adventures.

Cost-Effective Repair Solution

If you happen to damage your Steam Deck's display, our screen mod is a clear winner. At only $99, you not only get a replacement screen, but an upgraded one. Save money while significantly enhancing your visual gaming experience.

Stay Future-Ready

Emerging games will continue to push the limits of hardware. By upgrading to our 1200p display mod now, you're preparing your Steam Deck for the future. Enjoy greater longevity and better gaming experiences as software continues to evolve.

Take your game
to the next level.

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